Scientific Programme

 Final Program – Each Talk is 15mins (12 +3 for questions)

Session 1. Welcome speeches, MoU signing and introduction to the LSR

09:10: Welcome Address by Director of HKU LSR – Prof. Quentin Parker

09:20: Welcome by Dean of SAA of Zhejiang university – Prof. Ruan Xiangxin

09:30: Signing Ceremony: HKU-Zhejiang University MoU; BISME-HKU accord

09:45: LSR at HKU and HKU-ZIRI: Plans and Prospects – Quentin Parker (HKU-LSR)

Session2. The NJU-HKU No1 Satellite

10:00: The Science mission of the NJU-HKU No.1 Satellite – Su Meng (HKU-LSR)

10:15: The Lobster-eye X-ray Explorer for keV Dark Matter (NJU-HKU No. 1 Satellite) – Zhiyuan Li (Nanjing)

10:30: Lobster Eye Satellite for Dark matter Detection –Sun Yun (BISME)

10:45: Coffee Break (10:45 till 11:15)

Session 3. Science with Space Missions

11:15: CISAS its role and mission – Carlo Bettani (Padova-CISAS)

11:30: Nanjing Universities Solar Space Telescope – Chuan Li (Nanjing)

11:45: Time-domain astronomy with wide-field – Gamma-ray instruments – Pablo Saz Parkinson (HKU-LSR)

12:00: On the ocean and magnetic evolution in Earth-like planets and its perspective to future explorations of exo-solar rocky planets – Takashi Nagakawa (HKU-LSR)

12:15: Recent discoveries & future visions for the exploration of Mars – Joe Michalski (HKU-LSR)

12:30: Lunch and Networking – catering provided (12:30am until 2:00pm)

Group photo first

Session 4. Technical and Engineering challenges and prospects

14:00: Research & Teaching at the SKL of Lunar & Planetary Sciences – Kwing Chan (MUST)

14:15: Microsatellite at MeV energies – Status report – Xiao Hubing (Padova-CISAS)

14:30: Future Observations for searching for Exoplanets – Xiaojia Zhang (HKU-LS)

14:45: Microsatellites and Space Science – research group – Zhonghe Zin (Zhejiang)

15:00: The second lobster eye X-ray Telescope – Meng Su (HKU-LSR)

15:15: Plasma Thrusters – Daniele Pavarin (Padova-CISAS)

15:30 Coffee Break (15:30 till 16:00)

Session 5. Future programs, opportunities & collaborations

16:00: Scientific Research based on the Chinese Space Station – Huiquan Wang (Zhejiang)

16:15: Plans for Space Astronomy at Nanjing University – Jilin Zhou (Nanjing)

16:30: Impact of UV+optical space mission on PN research – Xuan Fang (HKU-LSR)

17:00: The WDUI project proposal for the Chinese Space Station – Da Zhang (CAS)

17:15 Conference Close – Networking in Foyer

18:00 Venue vacated